Salesforce Data Manager.

Cloudsole is an easy way to manage your Salesforce data. It uses the salesforce API to access your data in a safe and secure way.

Login to Salesforce


Sometimes as a Salesforce Administrator or Developer it is not easy to view the data in our Salesfoce org. With a little bit of SOQL knowledge you can easily run queries to get any data from any Salesforce object. Through an easy to use interface you can also add, edit or delete any record which makes managing data a breeze.

Easy by design. Get the data you need.

Secure Login

Using OAuth you can easily and securely login to CloudSole with your Salesforce username and password.

Customizable Queries

Select any Salesforce object and the SOQL query will automatically be created with all the necessary fields. Customize the query to get all the data you need.

Easily Manage Data

Easily create, update or delete your data. After you have run a query you can click the 'Download' button to download the data to a csv file.